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Prudent Gaming: A Guide to Saving Money AND the Princess - Part One: Buy Pre-Owned Games

Welcome to Prudent Gaming: A Guide to Saving Money AND the Princess! This is the first part of a new series looking to tell you ways in which you can play games and save money doing so. I originally intended this to be a written guide, but I thought this would work better as a series of videos and blog posts. Now you know where my blog name comes from.

Ask yourself this question: Do I need this game to be brand new? There is no wrong answer so don’t worry, you’re not being graded. However, I would like to dive into why the answer to this question should be “no”.

People are like Magpies and are drawn to shiny things. I admit, the feeling of opening a new game is nice and nothing will ever beat the smell of a new game. However, new is usually the more expensive option. Think about trying to be more humble with your game fund. You love games right? So, set aside your pride and ego and allow yourself to be open to the idea of having a pre-owned game. There’s no shame in it and it’s all about the game itself, as opposed to whether it’s new or not. You will get the same experience after all.

You can also get lucky if you pick up a special version of a game. A good example is my copy of The Witcher 3. I went to my local CEX looking for nothing in particular and I saw The Witcher 3 was at a good price at the time. One of the copies was in a cardboard sleeve and said to contain bonus content, including The Witcher Universe: Compendium, detailed world map, official soundtrack and wolf-head stickers. It was the same price as all of the other copies and there was no guarantee this was actually still with the copy. When I took it to the desk I was pleasantly surprised that all of it was still included and was in very good condition. I wouldn’t have had this if I just picked up a normal copy and it didn’t cost me any extra!

Brick and mortar stores are great for keeping that video game store experience and having a browse. A lot of these stores have reward schemes (which we will talk about in a later post) which allows you to earn a little back for more games later. Be aware that sometimes these stores aren’t always great at pricing. I’ve seen pre-owned games in CEX and GAME on some occasions that are more expensive than buying the game brand new online. Make sure you remain vigilant. Speaking of online…

Amazon is an excellent place to buy pre-owned games. Clicking the new & used link on an item will bring up a list of the used products they have available. They are listed in order of price, but it does tell you the condition of the item too. Postage is good to look at as well. I have had a few times where buying an item and paying for postage is cheaper than paying for the Prime option.

Another excellent place to buy pre-owned games is eBay, especially if you are looking for games from last gen. All you need to search for is “(insert system here) games bundle” or “joblot” and the results are impressive. It’s up to you if you want to go for bidding, but I tend to filter for the Buy It Now listings because it means I’m not in a competition with anyone. I see a lot of listings for Xbox 360 games and it works out to about £1 or less per game a lot of the time. Current gen games are quite a bit more, but I am sure they will have a big drop by the end of 2020 once the next gen consoles are released. Then again, I could be wrong about this as they will allow for backwards compatibility which will extend the life of these games.

Buying pre-owned games open up the possibility of playing more games because your money will stretch further. Sometimes you can get two or three pre-owned games for the same price as a brand new title. We all love games. So let’s all embrace the games that have already brought joy to others and allow them to continue to bring joy. These pre-loved games need new homes. You have the chance to give them that.

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