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PlayStation Merch from Primark Review

I was browsing through Instagram and I kept coming across pictures of people wearing the same PlayStation merch and I knew that a new range had been released. To my surprise, PlayStation had teamed up with Primark to bring a line of PlayStation branded clothes and I instantly made the decision to go and buy them. That weekend, my partner and I took a trip to Milton Keynes and I picked up some of these nerdy threads.

I walked into Primark on a mission and before I found the PlayStation merch, something shiny caught my eye. I saw this My Hero Academia t-shirt and I instantly fell in love with it. My Hero Academia is an amazing series and one of my favourite anime shows out right now. The green of the writing and Deku’s hair and suit goes perfectly with the white and really makes the image stand out. What’s also great is the fact there are no seams on the sides of the t-shirt. An issue that can occur with a lot of budget clothing is the seams falling out of line and the t-shirt twisting after washing. It’s very annoying!

Let’s move onto the Playstation line, starting with the t-shirt. It’s a simple design. A plain white tee with the PlayStation logo on the chest along with Japanese lettering which I assume says “Playstation”. I can’t read Japanese, but if you can then feel free to correct me. The t-shirt is quite thick which is good and it feels better than the usual quality of clothing Primark would sell. A strip runs around the collar which shows the PlayStation logo which also adds a sense of quality to the item. There are seams at the sides of the t-shirt so I’m hoping I don’t get the issue I mentioned above.

There was also a jumper that looked very similar to this t-shirt, except the logo was smaller and off to the side of the chest, but there were none in my size. Instead, I opted to purchase the hoodie up next…

I have worn a fair few hoodies in my time. A couple has been expensive and a lot have been cheaper. This is by far one of the most comfortable I have worn. Although not the thickest I have worn, it’s very warm and the material inside is nice and soft on my skin. There’s nothing worse than having a material that makes you itch! There’s a nice mixture of colours with the blue, white and black with the PlayStation logo in the middle of the chest. A nice strip runs down each shoulder with the PlayStation logo, similar to the collar of the t-shirt mentioned previously, again, adding that sense of quality. One feature I particularly like is the metal tips on the string of the hood. Unlike most hoodies which use some type of plastic, this will stop the string becoming frayed so easily at the ends. I know some people like to chew on their tassels.

I can only see one flaw in the hoodie. It’s a very small detail and will not be noticeable unless you are looking for it, but the colours don’t quite line up at the point where the body meets the sleeves. A very small detail which can easily be looked over due to the fact it is from a budget store.

I didn’t just buy the PlayStation merch though! A week later I went back because I needed some socks and I had to make a tough choice. There were Super Mario socks. There were Crash Bandicoot socks. Apparently, there were PlayStation socks as well, but they were in the kid’s section and my feet are way too big for that.

Sidenote: I only want this merch because I own a PlayStation. I’m not against having Xbox branded things. I like the colour green too!

I went with the Super Mario socks! All of the socks are the same quality. They are both soft and warm which is to be expected from clothes officially licensed by Nintendo. Quality socks is always a plus because I am prone to wearing out the heels due to all the walking I do to and from work. There were five pairs of socks including: 

  1. A green and blue pair featuring Luigi
  2. A grey pair covered with stars
  3. A red and black pair featuring Mario
  4. A black pair coved in white dots and the Super Mario logo
  5. Another grey pair featuring red mushrooms – what a fun guy…

All in all, I’m very impressed with what Primark is offering at the moment. The quality of the clothes I picked up are great and a lot better than I have previously bought from there. It’s good to see nerdy merch like this teaming up with a budget store like Primark to bring this type of clothing to people that might not usually be able to afford branded clothing. I hope to see this trend continue and who knows? Maybe we will see Xbox merch in Primark one day!

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