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PlayStation Classic First Impressions

A while ago, I made a video on YouTube unboxing the PlayStation Classic, and until recently, I hadn’t even switched it on. This has now changed and I have connected up the little, grey, nostalgia machine and tested a couple of games.

Connecting the PlayStation Classic

Connecting the PlayStation Classic is easy enough. It comes with one USB cable for power, one HDMI cable and two USB controllers. The SNES Classic is able to have enough power by plugging the USB into the TV. This is not the case with the PlayStation Classic. My initial test also tried plugging it into my PC and that wasn’t enough juice either. I had to use my phone’s AC adaptor and keep my fingers crossed, hoping it wasn’t going to explode. The good news is that the cable is long enough!

The HDMI cable, like every device, goes from the back of the console to the TV or monitor.

Starting Up

Nostalgia is a powerful thing. As soon as I heard that start-up sound, I was instantly taken back. It’s amazing that a simple sound can fill you with pure joy. I remember all the times my friend and I would sit in my bedroom after school and play all of the amazing classics like Rayman, Spider-Man and Star Wars: Episode 1 Jedi Power Battles. A lot of the time, he would play and I would watch because I was terrible at video games when I was little!

After the start-up sound, I was greeted with a language selection screen which had thirteen different languages to choose from. Well, nine if you take away the fact that there are two types of English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. I chose English (United Kingdom), naturally and was shown the Console Button Guide which tells me what each button on the console does, including the on/off button. I’m pretty sure I figured that one out already… The reset button will return you to the home screen and the open button allows you to change virtual discs for those longer games like Final Fantasy VII.

Navigating the home screen is easy enough – simply pressing left or right to cycle through the games and pressing X to start the game. The design and navigation of the home screen remind me of the first Tomb Raider game and I dislike the layout personally. I feel like they could have used a more updated layout for this, much like the SNES Classic. The original PlayStation had a menu that appeared if the console booted up without a disk inserted and I can see they tried to capture this aesthetic with the colour scheme and the “paint splodge” highlighting the option to start game.


For me, the best way to test the emulation was to start up games that I had played before and what better games to choose than Cool Boarders 2 and Final Fantasy VII. I borrowed Cool Boarders 2 from a friend in Primary School and never gave it back. I spent so much time playing the halfpipe level in free play and I remember getting pretty good, but I must be misremembering because I was awful when playing this time!

The games run very smoothly and I didn’t notice any frame drops which makes me hopeful about the rest of the games providing a nice experience. I did notice an issue with contrast when testing Final Fantasy VII. The area around the logos and main menu seemed to be a lighter colour than the rest of the screen, though this could have been the settings on my monitor as this was not captured on my recording. Sound is important to me when playing video games and a lot of emulators struggle to play sound accurately. Thankfully, that’s not the case here and I was able to reminisce over the different sounds and music from Cool Boarders 2 and the fantastic music from Final Fantasy VII.

You can see the results of my test by watching the video below.

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