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Indieview: The Don't Studio

Welcome to Indieview! Each week I post a series of questions and answers from indie game developers to show off all of the wonderful creations in the works. My aim is to highlight how much work goes into making something that we all want to play and to spread the word about the games included.

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This week’s developer is: The Don’t Studio

Introduce yourself/team and the roles your play

Hello! My name is Alejandro Parra aka The_Xorcist or Xorcist. We are a small studio from Colombia that goes by the name The Don’t Studio. We were previously called AP&P studio but we changed the name. We are a team of 5 that for our current project goes by the name “Team HA_BITS”. We have these roles on the project:

– Andrés Parra: Producer/Programmer/Game designer.

– Arturo Atuesta: Producer/Programmer/Composer /Game designer.

– Zea Paula Cuervo: Composer/Writer/ /Game designer

– Sebastian Cuervo: Composer/Writer /Game designe/Head of marketing.

– Alejandro Parra aka The_Xorcist: Director/Writer/Artist/Animator/Lead game designer/Lead Programer.

Tell us about the current game you are developing

Here is a small synopsis:

The reality we share is collapsing. Moments like this call for a heroic female character that in order to fix and save our reality must face the most dangerous and hilarious minds ever known. Pictoresque characters, witches, and a talking toad will join her on this adventure. Come and discover the secret habits of those around you. Also this game is a love letter to the Maho Shojo genre, celebrating the likes of Sailor moon, Madoka Magica, Sakura Card Captors etc.

At what point did you decide you were going to start making games?

I was 23 years old, And I was very frustrated with my career, I didn’t want to see myself as a electronic engineer. But them I started to code using the XNA engine, and well I started to see art on this media and decided to get my degree and train myself the best I could, making many prototypes and aslo creating small games and aplications, HA_BITS the first game that we will make a comercial release as The Don’t Studio.

What are the main inspirations for your game?

The Maho Shojo genre was a major part to it, but also JoJo Bizarre Adventure Part 4, Mob Psycho 100, Cowboy Bebop. Games that inspire me are Earthbound, Castlevania, Final Fantasy 6, Lisa the Painful, Little Big Adventure 2: Twinsen’s Odyssey, Kirby’s Dreamland, Yakuza 0.

What is the main mechanic that your game is built around?

This will sound weird but the main mechanic goes in mixing mechanics, since one of the strongest themes, both visually and in gameplay, changing between worlds. That goes for mechanics, aesthetics and gameplay.

How different is your game now from the original concept?

It has evolved a lot!! it keeps its main core as a game that changes between worlds but storytelling, gameplay and music have evolved a lot, also visually has become a long road. from beng a world that delves between the real world and places of sometimes uncontrolled fantasy.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far?

Creating animation assets and making the best visuals we can has been tough. Music has been one of the main priorities, but the biggest challenge to us has been putting everything together, it is difficult to think in one challenge since making the game we want has become a compromise with the most polished product we can put out there.

What are your favourite parts of the development process?

We enjoy a lot working on game design and storytelling. Putting ideas together is like making this amazing puzzle that you need to make as fun as possible. To me as an artist and animator working on the assets despite of being a demanding job I deeply love the experience. Every detail as you create it is a beautiful experience.

When are you looking to release your game?

We are aiming for a early 2020 realease. I hope we can complete it as soon as we can and as polished and fun as it can be.

Where can people find out more and get in touch?

Technical demo(PC) is available at:

Ha_Bits fanpage:

You can find my on Twitter as: @X_or_Cist

Instagram: @the_xorcist

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