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Indieview: Greg (Brave Ghost)

Welcome to Indieview! Each week I post a series of questions and answers from indie game developers to show off all of the wonderful creations in the works. My aim is to highlight how much work goes into making something that we all want to play and to spread the word about the games included.

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This week’s developer is: Greg (Brave Ghost)

Introduce yourself/team and the roles your play

Hi! I’m Greg I’m an illustrator turned game dev working completely solo on my first ever game project, Senescent Link. As a solo dev I am working on all possible corners of the game myself, art, story, developing, music and much more. I’ve been an illustrator since early 2014 and having dabbled in pixel art for a few previous projects including a card game. And decided to try and do something I’ve always wanted to do, tell a story.

Tell us about the current game you are developing

Senescent Link is a 2D Action RPG. Taking place in the abandoned facility known as Panacea Inc. We wake up from cryo sleep by a friendly floating robot, asking for our help, after naming us Kei after the number K31 on our pod, and introducing themselves as Rogue, our journey begins. Unravelling the mysteries of why we and hundreds of others were cryogenically frozen, and what has happened since that time.

Fighting various corrupt enemies and bosses along the way, solving puzzles, hacking terminals and much more. There is an abundance of mysteries to be solved in Panacea Inc.

At what point did you decide you were going to start making games?

January 2018 the story idea came to me, and discovering the easy learning curve of RPG Maker I knew it was possible. To take this story of mine and create something real. Taking all the elements of RPG maker and pushing them further than they’ve ever gone before. In an attempt to make the engine unrecognizable amongst the complex mechanics and captivating story I hope to tell.

What are the main inspirations for your game?

Many other amazing cyberpunk like media that has influenced me in life, in both my art and story telling. Like Blade Runner and Fallout. But most of all Akira and Ghost in the Shell, the visuals and ideas of those two things have changed my entire life, and everything I create is in part a love letter to those two films and manga. You will see an abundance of subtle and not so subtle nods to those franchises, in both art, story and even music in Senescent Link. Mostly the idea of treating a humans mind like data and allowing it to be transferable between man and machine. That is the biggest inspiration that I have adapted into my game from Ghost in the Shell.

What is the main mechanic that your game is built around?

I wouldn’t say that my game is one of those games that’s built around a mechanic, the story I feel is its strongest reason for being. And its biggest selling point. But If I did have to choose a mechanic that I feel stands out a little It would most likely be the combat, I wanted to do something a little different in this game. And so you don’t necessarily shoot and destroy enemies, using a tool known as the Portable Robot Control Gauntlet, or P.R.C.G you can stun enemies in place, or overheat them causing them to fall apart, and even take control of some robots using them to fight for you or get past certain obstacles your character may not be able to otherwise.

How different is your game now from the original concept?

I would say It has improved a lot, at first It was going to be a standard RPG Maker game, with a small chibi character and turn based combat. But after having played Hyper Light Drifter I was far too hyped to let the project be that small. I strived to improve it as best I could, creating more complex visuals and character sprites, a longer story and more bosses. And most of all improve the combat to make it action based, so everything happens on screen. Even to add more immersive sim elements to the game, If you think you should be able to do something, why shouldn’t you? Why spend your hard earned credits on using the vending machines when you have the ability of hacking right at your finger tips, things like that.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far?

Time and money, I am just one person, working on this game 4-5 days a week and the other two working a creatively draining part time job. It helps in some parts drive me to work harder on this project. In the hopes of making something out of it and being able to call myself a full time game dev. Aside from that there always challenges in game making, bugs crop up at every turn and a simple task can turn into a day long ordeal of fixing and tweaking.

What are your favourite parts of the development process?

Overcoming hurdles and looking at what I’ve achieved so far be it in game or just general art. But nothing compares to the look on my girlfriends face when I tell her everything about the game, she truly understands how passionate about it I am and she never fails to tell me that she’s proud of me and that she can’t wait to play it. That is undoubtedly my favourite part of all of this.

When are you looking to release your game?

That’s a big question, as this is my first attempt at making a game I have no idea how much longer I may spend on this. My hopes are for late 2020 or maybe early 2021. But I am planning for a kickstarter for the game to be released along with a demo shortly after in 2019, That’s one thing I don’t feel so pressured to promise!

Where can people find out more and get in touch?

I recently setup a website for the game, which lists all possible questions people may have, pictures and videos. And its where I place my developer updates too!

Aside from that I make sure to keep my socials updated with news at all times.


Or just drop me an email! I’m always happy to talk more about Senescent Link as answer questions.

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