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I Set My PlayStation on Fire

I am to become a father in March 2019, but this is not my first baby. Back in 2014, I bought a PlayStation 4 and this quickly filled that role. The console is very important to me and has provided me with some of my greatest gaming memories so it would make sense that I would treat it with the utmost care and protect it from harm. Until that fateful day…I made a mistake.

Why is the PlayStation So Noisy?

Final Fantasy XV had not long been out and seeing as I am obsessed with the series, I was spending a lot of time on it. One Sunday afternoon, the cinnamon smell of a Yankee Candle filling the air, I was spending time with the Chocobros while my fiance was sat next to me, playing her Nintendo 3DS. Suddenly, she turns to me and says ‘Why is your PlayStation making so much noise?’. It was making quite loud humming noise, so I just put it to the fact that my PlayStation was three years old at this point and Final Fantasy XV was quite graphically intensive. 

After further investigation, in the form of a quick Google search, I found that the noise could be due to a build up of dust in the system. Naturally, I looked up a way to clean it out. The process looked easy enough. All I needed to do was remove the stickers at the back to be able to remove the casing (my warranty had already expired) and blast some compressed air through the fan.

Time for a Spring Clean!

I had all of the equipment I needed. Luckily, I still had those weird, star-shaped screwdrivers that I bought to open up my first Xbox 360, when it suffered the fate of the Red Ring of Death. My dad still had some compressed air left – which he only ever used on his keyboard.

Peeling the stickers off were surprisingly difficult and I remember being a little weary because of the whole ‘voiding your warranty’ thing. Once the casing was removed, I could see all of the dust covered fan. It’s hard to think that this amount of dust would cause my PlayStation to make the noise it was making. The next step was to wipe the casing clean with a micro-fibre cloth and make sure that was clean. I stood directly above the system and began to spray the compressed air through the fan…

Star-shaped screwdrivers

Panic Ensues

Bright orange filled my vision and a wave of heat struck my face. It seemed to happen in slow motion. “What the fuck?!” I yelled as I threw the can of air to one side and began frantically waving my hands and emptying my lungs, like I was trying to cool a plate of hot chips. It was over as quick as it began…until it wasn’t. A split second after the flames had disappeared, they erupted again. Not as large this time and after more hand waving and blowing, the fire vanished completely.

I was stunned. I had no idea how something so disastrous could have happened to my baby, and that is when I saw it. The cinnamon Yankee Candle still going on the table right next to where I chose to work on my console. I blew out the candle and picked up the can of air to inspect it. A big orange symbol that tells me the contents are flammable. Who knew air would be flammable?

The Aftermath

I didn’t put the casing back on straight away. Instead, I sat back down on the sofa next to my fiance, staring at the console. “I can’t believe that just happened.” was all I could say.
“I’ll be okay with you buying a new one if it doesn’t work” my fiance said to me. (I could hardly afford most things at the time)
Trying to stay positive, I responded with, “Maybe this is a sign to get the PS4 Pro”.

It was time to face the music. I put the case back on the console, slowly, and put it back on it’s shelf. I’m imagining a blank screen appearing as I am plugging the cables back into it. I turn the power on, put my hand over my eyes and hear the usual *beep*. After splitting my fingers so one eye can look at the TV I am greeted with the usual photo sensitivity message and a prompt to log into my user. A wave of relief overcomes me as I load up Final Fantasy XV once again to get back to my adventure with the Chocobros and listen to the hum of my baby.

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  1. I’m sorry but that story is hilarious 😂 I hope your fiancé will keep her head this cool in future dramatic situations which involve real babies 😉

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I had fun writing it 😊 I hope she keeps her head that cool too! I’m also starting to wonder if my PS4 will eventually give up the ghost

    1. Please elaborate on that! 😂

  2. What an emotional rollercoaster. First of all, I’m a March baby too and if your baby is born on the 21st let me know!!! The whole time I was thinking, I really hope he doesn’t set his ACTUAL baby on fire… Will need updates on the baby. (The real baby)

    1. I’ll try and make my real baby flame retardant 😂 SO CLOSE! He is due on the 23rd of March

  3. Eeek! I bet you won’t do that again in a hurry! Haha. Anyway someone enjoyed this post so much, they added it to the BlogCruh linky for you (hurray!). Feel free to bob over and collect your “I’ve been featured” blog badge #blogcrush

    1. Not at all! I can’t let anymore harm befall it.

      I have never heard of BlogCrush but that sounds amazing. I’m honoured! I’ll go take a look right now

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