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Great Video Game Soundtracks

Video game soundtracks are designed to make the player feel the emotions of the scene. From fast-paced battle music in Final Fantasy to minimalist sounds for adventuring in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. To me, music is one of the most important factors in a game’s design and can be a real deal breaker if it’s not up to scratch.

There are some soundtracks that stick with you and allow you to relive the great memories you created when playing the games. I often put in my headphones at work and listen to the soundtracks below to keep me focused and relaxed. Here are, what I consider to be, some of the greatest video game soundtracks.

Final Fantasy IX

Are you really surprised? I often shout on Twitter about how Final Fantasy IX is my favourite game of all time, so naturally, it would be first on this list. The soundtrack to Final Fantasy IX is Nobuo Uematsu at his best. With the beautiful piano in “Loss of Me/Roses of May” and the guitar in “You’re Not Alone”; there is such a wide range of emotions that are conveyed to the player. It’s understandable to have such moving music an a game that has no voice acting.

I find myself coming back to this soundtrack over and over when I need to be in my own bubble to work on things (like this blog post).

Blue Dragon

Never have I thought about music matching a game’s art style more than Blue Dragon. Another hit from Nobuo Uematsu. This fast paced soundtrack has you prepared for anything that comes your way throughout this journey. It makes sense to have intense music when dealing with powerful shadow beasts!

Lost Odyssey

I promise that not every soundtrack on this list will be composed by Nobuo Uematsu. 

Another excellent soundtrack that keeps you pumped for every battle but makes you feel the emotions in those solemn moments. A standout track from this would be “Parting Forever”, which is played when the daughter of the main protagonist passes away.


Instantly, you know you are in for an epic adventure when you hear the title track from Skyrim. “Dragonborn” prepares you everything that is going to come your way; from battling fearsome dragons and making your way through the gorgeous, open world. Jeremy Soule has done an excellent job of making the player truly feel like the Dovahkiin.

Skyrim’s soundtrack is a great one to listen to when studying or writing things like blog posts.

Final Fantasy XV

This may be the second Final Fantasy soundtrack on this list, but is composed by Yoko Shimomura. She is most notable for her work on the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack. I believe this is one of the best video game soundtracks of all time – a bold statement, I know. Each track from this fits each scene perfectly and you get a real sense of the reality that this fantasy is based on. The title track “Somnus” is a brilliant piece of music which captivates the emotions of both the start and the end of the game.

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