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Games That Should Be: Office Cop Hank

Games That Should Be is a series of posts that speak about ideas I have for video games. Some of these could have been bouncing around my mind for years and others could have been thought of yesterday. Too many people have amazing ideas that just stay in their heads. I want to make sure that I get these out and share them with the world. Who knows, maybe one day they will exist.


You play as Hank, a retired police officer who now works as a security guard in an office building. Hank will always be a police officer at heart and he brings that commitment with him every day. Using his knowledge and experience from all of the years in law enforcement, he must solve the mysteries that plague the office building he now works in. However, not all of these mysteries are as big as Hank believes and, although he will reach the correct conclusion, the events never play out quite how the way he describes at the end of each case.

Sometimes a missing pen has not been stolen and has simply fallen and rolled under the desk…

Genre and Mechanics

Office Cop Hank is a point and click adventure game, inspired by the library of the golden age of Lucas Arts in the ’90s. Drawing heavily from the systems used in The Curse of Monkey Island, the player will choose how to interact with a person or object by holding down the left mouse button and choosing from an action wheel. This allows for the entire screen to be used for the scene, as opposed to early point and click adventure games that displayed the actions in the lower third of the screen. Using the right mouse button will open the player’s inventory of clues, maintaining that cleaner interface.

Uncovering clues in your investigation will open up more dialogue options when talking to other characters and can allow you to suspect or accuse someone. 

Fitting Studios

The first studio that comes to mind when thinking about this game is Dontnod Entertainment for their work on Life is Strange. I feel the graphical style and the feel of the character controls will fit this game perfectly. Although, it can be left in the hands of Square Enix, due to the way they continued the Life is Strange series.

Two people I think are great choices are Ron Gilbert and Tim Schaffer because of their extensive history and experience with this type of game, mainly for their work on the first two Monkey Island games.

Lucas Arts and Telltale Games would be excellent choices, but they are sadly no longer around.

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