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Book Review: It'll Never Fly by Dean F. Simmons

“I remember, for some reason, feeling bad about getting a hand job whilst there was a girl fighting for her life.”


Simmons takes us on a tour of Brighton through his teenage years. One that you wouldn’t find on any open topped bus. Mixing dark events with his even darker sense of humour you will meet junkies, tramps, dealers, pervs, psychopaths and the boy who ate a kebab to avoid dying from his wounds. 


Simmons had told me, when I first met him, that he had written a book but it wasn’t to see the light of day. Well, two years later and I have a copy of It’ll Never Fly in my hand. I loved every minute of it! I am a big fan of Simmons’ sense of humour, which can be very dark at times. It’s short but it is far from sweet with it’s vulgar imagery in some of the chapters. What really leaves an impact is when you remind yourself, while you’re reading, that these events really happened.

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Many times I found that a chapter was getting exciting to then have the last bit glossed over leaving me wondering what happens next. Some readers may find that frustrating to be taken out of a moment so quickly.

There’s no doubt from reading this that Simmons is a big fan of movies. Similes are his biggest choice in descriptive language and I found it distracting a couple of times when making references to movies as it actually made it harder for me to imagine the scenario. References to movie scenes itself is not a bad thing but I found there were just one or two more than there needed to be. It would have been nice to read some parts that didn’t need to be built upon with imagery.

I found the end of the book to be rather unsatisfying. Upon closing it I felt unfulfilled and frustrated to be taken out of the book too early. There was no real end to it and I would have liked to have read something which tells a story of the transitioning period between those times and today.


People with busy schedules would be compelled to read this book as it is very short. It’s perfect for those times of commuting. A glimpse is all you are given into Simmons’ world and it leaves you wanting to know more.

The strongest aspect of this book it that it is easy to read and it is supposed to be. Simplicity was a deliberate decision made by Simmons and it really pays off to keep the book flowing and make you turn the pages. Many times I kept saying to myself “Just one more chapter” as they are only a few pages long and I needed more.

Imagery is a big part of this book and Simmons takes us to some dark ideas. This on top of the graphic scenes that actually occur brings a high level of humour to an otherwise tragic moment. I often found myself genuinely laughing out loud due to some of the vile references the he presents. 


I did not want to put this book down. The ease of reading and the fact it is so short kept the momentum going. I would absolutely suggest this book to anyone that likes to read real life and coming of age stories. A dark sense of humour is recommended for reading this as I feel some people may find some of the imagery unsettling or vulgar for the sake of being vulgar. I can say with certainty that if you are prepared for jokes that are near the mark then you will have a great time with this one.

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