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Ask A Gamer: Andy (Andy's Diary)

Welcome to Ask A Gamer! Each week I post a series of questions and answers from gamers to show just how similar or different we all are. My aim is to highlight the positivity in the gaming community and share what we love doing most: gaming.

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This week’s gamer is: Andy (Andy’s Diary)

Introduce yourself and your blog/social media page

My name is Andy, I have a YouTube channel called Andy’s Diary where I’m basically documenting my life so i can look back on my progress from where I started to where I go, in a nutshell.

Where did your love for Gaming begin?

I would say my love for gaming game from whenever I used to go to my grandparents to stay over and my cousin had been there, sometimes he would leave his consoles there. It started out with the Gameboy original and that was where I encountered Mario for the first time. Then it moved to N64 and that’s where I encountered Mario kart for the first time and then original PlayStation until I finally got my own one birthday, and ever since then the rest is history and I hoard many different types of games to this day.

What is your earliest gaming memory?

I guess I answered this in question 2 lol

What was the first game you remember playing?

Super Mario on the Classic Gameboy was I think the first game I ever played.

What was the first game you ever purchased with your own money?

First game I purchased with my own money I think, can’t be certain but it’s the earliest memory I have, was Micky’s racing adventure for the Gameboy colour.

Which is your preferred platform? (No judgement here!)

Well, I thought it was Xbox but recently I rekindled my love for Sony having spent more time on my PS4 and I was Sony all the way up until I traded my PS3 for a 360 so I’m a Sony fanboy at heart.

What is your all time favourite game and why?

Favourite game of all time would probably be, Medal of Honour: European Assault. That games soundtrack is incredible one of my all-time favourite soundtracks. I remember when it came out and I would spend every weekend sat on my bedroom floor, glued to my TV because my PS2 was my life ha-ha, and I would play that game over and over again, so I think it’s definitely one of, if not my all-time favourite game.

What is your favourite genre of game?

I would say my favourite genre is RPG because back in the day, pretty much every game I played was RPG. Games with great story and a lot of it. Give me a game with a fantastic story (Spiderman PS4 great example) and hours of gameplay and I’ set. there was a time with next gen gaming where I felt we lost that for a time but now I feel it’s slowly creeping back and I’m stoked because more and more games are grabbing my attention and its rekindling me love for gaming again.

What Game(s) are you most looking forward to this year?

I’m not looking forward to any to be honest. There was a time I would pre-order basically everything because PS3 days were good days, but I feel gaming has changed massively compared to what it used to be so I take everything with a pinch of salt now.

Which game made you realise that video games are a powerful storytelling medium?

It would have to be Medal of Honour again. aside from the fact WW2 is one of my favourite topics of history, that game showed me that you can tell a story from the past, even one such as WW2, and portray it in such a way that you can almost learn from it. There were many a time that I would be helping cover my fellow soldiers and the soundtrack would be playing and I would sit there and think “wow, I feel like I’m there”. I feel like gaming is misconceived as “Lazy” or “a waste of time” but they are so much more than that.

What, in your opinion, is the most important aspect of a game (level design, music, story etc)?

For me, in my opinion, you have to have a great story. A great soundtrack to go with it is a bonus. If you don’t have the base of a great story then the rest is irrelevant for me personally.

Which game would you love a remake of?

I think there is too many to mention ha-ha. They already did two that I was stoked about which was Spyro and Crash Bandicoot and they are releasing Crash team racing which leads me to believe that we could end up with most of the series remastered but that’s just a guess, but I think one series I would, not necessarily see remastered, but have a new line of games is Medal Of Honour. I adored the whole series as a kid and I would love to see some really good new ones in the series.

Which game do you feel not enough people know about?

That’s a tough one, maybe Watchdogs 2. I fully enjoyed that game I thought it was phenomenal and I’m keen for a third one, but I feel it quickly died out so I guess I’d love for more people to show some love to Watchdogs 2.

What is your favourite video game movie?

I can honestly say, the only video game movie I’ve seen and I think I’ve only seen one of them, is Resident Evil and I thought it was garbage.

If video game movies were largely good, which game would you like to see on the big screen?

I’d have to go for Watchdogs 2. I think that would make a fantastic movie. There’s so much to the game and I’d love to see it as a movie.

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