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50 Things That Make Me Happy

I was happy to see that I had been tagged in a post by the wonderful Angela over at Hiding Behind Books. This post was all about 50 things that make her happy and, as I was reading, I saw a part that said she could have easily come up with over one hundred things that make her happy! That’s a lot of things. Now, I can’t say that I will have an easy time writing this as I have never really stopped to think about individual things that make me happy but it will be a nice challenge to take on.

You can also see my feature of Angela’s post in episode four of Reading Your Blogs – a series I run weekly on YouTube to shine a light on other bloggers and help share people’s content in the hopes to help them improve and increase the size of their audience. 

The First 25 Things

  1. Final Fantasy (of course this was going to be number one!)
  2. Watching Netflix shows with my fiance
  3. Letting my fiance pluck my eyebrows (they get way out of hand!)
  4. Finding a shop that sells root beer
  5. Watching my rats be super cute!
  6. The thought of becoming a father in March
  7. Helping someone with small issues on social media
  8. All the positive messages I receive on Twitter when I have had an off day
  9. Playing squash with my friends
  10. Spur of the moment McDonald’s breakfast runs
  11. Listening to the soundtracks to Final Fantasy IX, X and XV
  12. Listening to Sublime
  13. Seeing my friends at UpperRoom Games make incredible progress in creating their indie game, Wavey the Rocket
  14. Making videos for YouTube
  15. Sitting in the pub with my friends
  16. When my fiance lovingly mocks me
  17. Driving at night with hardly any other cars around
  18. The Lord of the Rings movies
  19. Finding amazing deals for things I want to buy
  20. When my items sell on Ebay
  21. Having a job with a friendly, laid back environment
  22. Seeing Rafi (see image below)
  23. Seeing Charlie (also, see image below)
  24. Seeing anything to do with sloths!
  25. Watching anime

The Second 25 Things

  1. Meditating
  2. Planning out my days the evening before
  3. Swimming
  4. Running
  5. Food – all food makes me happy
  6. Seeing someone else happy after I have done something for them, no matter how small
  7. Reading
  8. Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi (I used to watch it over and over as a kid)
  9. Having my back scratched
  10. Sex… (this tends to make most people happy)
  11. Playing video games (mainly JRPGs)
  12. Flying to another country
  13. REALLY hot weather (I LOVED the last heatwave we had)
  14. Getting a back massage from my fiance
  15. Seeing the ultrasound scans on my son on my desk at work
  16. Writing blog posts
  17. Watching live orchestra versions of songs from the Final Fantasy series
  18. Getting paid each month
  19. Going into Waterstones to look at books and manga
  20. Listening to podcasts
  21. Petrichor
  22. Getting a new game (you can’t beat the new game smell)
  23. Playing with a new gadget like a phone or tablet
  24. Doing “tourist” things with my fiance
  25. Final Fantasy IX and X (I REALLY LOVE THESE GAMES)
One of the greatest games ever made

My Nominees

Now that you have seen the fifty things that make me happy, I can nominate the next people! I will be nominating:

I am so sorry if anyone has already been nominated!

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